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YUNGA Japan × SDG Ambassadors Kyrgyzstan

YUNGA Japan × SDG Ambassadors Kyrgyzstan

Date- 29th March 2021
Location- Online
Number of participants: 40

The SDGs Ambassadors from Kyrgyzstan joined forces with the YUNGA Ambassadors to come up with innovative solutions for one of the toughest challenges the world is facing right now: Zero Hunger.

YUNGA Japan × SDGs Ambassadors Kyrgyzstan

Instead of going in a traditional way to find out the solution we simplified the problem into three questions-

1. How might we educate people about food?
2. How might we ensure good quality food is available for everyone?
3. How might we make the farming and food production industry more attractive for youth(cool/prosperous like the IT industry)?

During the two hour workshop the participants used empathy to understand each other better and human centered design tools to bring out their creative confidence. By getting out of their comfort zone and using the power of diversity, ambassadors were able to create innovative solutions.