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YUNGA Japan Soil Camp 2020

YUNGA Japan Soil Camp 2020

Date: December 7, 2020
Location: Awaji Island
Number of Participants:20

Every 5 seconds, the equivalent of one soccer field of soil is eroded. This alarming fact reaffirms the need to raise awareness through World Soil Day of this growing problem, as the Earth’s population continues to expand.

YUNGA Japan Soils(土壌)キャンプ2020

This event was to celebrate World Soil Day and to commence YUNGA Soil challenge badge activities. The main objective of this event was to encourage children in Japan to take part in soil related activities and to raise awareness on the importance of soil and its uses. The children learnt practical instruction on the importance of soil such as soil profile and soil survey and why soil is required to be healthy for its bio-organisms to thrive in and its importance in human health.