Our community can change when we work together!

YUNGA Japan believes in the POWER of collective action and the impact it can have on our society. To educate the future leaders of Japan we need support from active individuals, private/public organizations, and education institutions.

Join the force with us!

As a student

Are you a curious and passionate youth who wants to create a social impact?

As an Educational Institute

Would you like to introduce the YUNGA Challenge Badge program in your institution?

As NPOs and NGOs

Do you want to create a collaborative project to create a bigger impact?

As a Private entity

Would you like to help us develop the future leaders of Japan?

Current Collaborations

Educational Institute

YUNGA provides educational material that teachers can customize according to their age group. We have also developed educational material for university-level students to learn about different badges of YUNGA

Mukogawa Womens University

Mugowawa university


Mukogawa University together with YUNGA Japan designed a course for students to learn the basics of what is happening in the world from YUNGA Japan and the examples of SDGs business/CSR projects from leading companies.

Awaji High School

Awaji High School

Together with Awaji High School YUNGA Japan implenmented three months of immersive training about Disaster Risk Reduction, Students get a chance to learn, identify, research, and develop actionable plans.

Awaji Kids Garden



Awaji Kids Garden implement YUNGA challenge badge programs for younger ages (2-6 years), AKG customizes and implements YUNGA challenge badge programs in a fun way!

Miracle Labo

Miracle Labo


Miracle Labo is an after-school program that integrates YUNGA Challenge Badge Program not only to teach the students about the environment but also to teach English.

NPOs and NGOs

YUNGA looks to empower youth to create social impact, so we create collaborative programs and workshops withs NGOs and NPOs that share our vision

Private Organization

By supporting YUNGA with your expertise or funding we can maximize the impact on Japanese youth both in quality and quantity

Arakawa Chemical Industries

Arakawa Chemicals


Helped us to localize YUNGA material and provided us with a strong case study that show students other ways to create an impact on society