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Yumi Nakashima


From Tokyo Yumi Nakashima

  • Faculty of International Liberal Arts, Soka University

Yumi is a creative, ambitious person who is interested in gay rights, gender equality, and environmental threats. There are three motivating factors for this.
Firstly, she met a middle school student who was rejected for wearing the uniform they felt comfortable with, and treated unequally by the school. This drives Yumi to educate students about gay rights and to try to change the school system to be more equal for all.
Secondly, she read “We should all be feminists”. This book helped her realize how society perpetuates gender stereotypes, and understand that something someone did to her was actually sexist.
Thirdly, she watched a video which introduced how Lauren Singer lives her life with zero waste. Although she feels that environmental issues are unrelated to her, they have helped her to be aware of all the various issues of everyday life.
Now she is a member of a LGBTQ+ student organization and a fashion designing club in her university and her dream is to have her own ethical, genderless and sustainable fashion brand.