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Yukiya Sawayama


From Okayama Yukiya Sawayama

  • Department of Economics, Okayama University

Yukiya is a junior student from Okayama who majors in Shikakeology (仕掛学, Triggers for Behavior Change), which is related to Behavioral Economics and Cognitive Psychology. Through his studies, he would like to give people new and interesting choices which make a positive impact for them, and the earth as well. He is passionate about finding solutions for environmental problems caused by human beings.
His dream is to secure and protect people’s happiness, while reducing the negative impact on the environment. His curiosity is boundless, and he is ready to learn many things from many perspectives.
On his days off, he plays guitar, reads books, and takes long walks. In addition, he has been playing basketball for 12 years!
“When I was a sophomore, I went to Vietnam for a week for an oversea training program. I walked around Hanoi at night alone without smartphone. We are so used to living with smartphones all the time, but to do without it for a while was so thrilling and exciting!“