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Shuhei Nishikawa


From Tokyo Shuhei Nishikawa

  • Faculty of Economics, Waseda University

Shuhei is from Osaka and lives in Tokyo now. He majors in Economics, with a focus in Environmental Economics and Japanese Linguistics.
Since he likes hiking and climbing mountains, he is somewhat in tune with nature, and has noticed that biodiversity has actually changed. He strongly believes that climate change is one of the biggest problems that humans face. That left unchecked, it will have such a negative impact on everyone’s health and well-being.
He is passionate about protecting our children’s future from the effects of climate change, and thus his dream is to come up with ideas to move us towards a zero carbon emission society.
His hobbies include playing piano and climbing mountains. He played volleyball in his high school years, and sometimes still plays it with his friends. Through this program, he hopes to get along with youths that have a similar interest in making the world better.
“When I was a junior high school student, I used to have natural curly hair. I was actually able to stick 12 pens inside my hair!”