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Shiori Fuke


From Hyogo Shiori Fuke

  • Faculty of Business Administration, Kobe University

Shiori majors in Human Resource Management, is also interested in and passionate about Marketing and PR. What made her interested in those areas was the experience of meeting a PR officer at a laboratory in Japan, who taught complex science to children in a very enjoyable, simple and fun way.
Now her dream is to create an atmosphere or a trend where people are willing to do something good for society through the power of PR.
As a YUNGA Ambassador, she wants to be a person who is able to give happiness to her teammates and all the people around her.
Her hobby is visiting bakery shops, doing various different kinds of activities, and watching movies. She has a lot of hobbies because she likes to challenge herself to do new things. If someone would like to try something new, then trying it with Shiori would definitely be a good idea.
“My ambition is to collect stickers from different countries when visiting, but I haven’t had the chance to travel overseas yet.“