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Shina Maekawa


From Tokyo Shina Maekawa

  • Faculty of Global studies, Sophia university

Shina is a Junior student of Sophia university from Tokyo, who majors in Global Issues, Economics and Politics. She has a multicultural background with experience of living in Germany for 4 years and Thailand for 10 years. She is passionate about communicating with people regardless of gender, nationality, background and so on, and about becoming a force in the fashion-make up industry.
Her dream is to correct the disparity in the economic development of different regions, eliminate discrimination of any kind, and give all people equality of opportunity through entrepreneurship.
She loves eating fruit and tarte cakes, and really wants to go to a fruit tarte buffet! She also wants to work in the beauty-fashion industry in the future as a woman entrepreneur.
“If I had a superpower, I would go traveling every day, and change my body which does not increase in weight, and make all people smile and be happy to live a good life.“