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Saori Wada


From Tokyo Saori Wada

  • Faculty of International Legal Studies, Sophia University

Saori’s major is International Law with a minor in International Politics. She is a natural-born leader with sharp strategic thinking, who is committed to protecting people who have to endure unreasonable exploitation or restriction of freedom. In fact, she was involved in projects as a
student manager for supporting foreign workers in Japan, with the cooperation of two universities and local city government from 2018 to 2020. She also experienced a PR position promoting social welfare and got training for aspiring international civil servants.
She believes that the purpose of her life is to find an academic theory which enhances the effectiveness of protection of human rights, and is carried out by ‘international societies’ beyond the political competition of disparate national interests between countries or in the competition of authority between a government and an anti-government group.
She loves classical music by Maurice Ravel, art by Leonardo da Vinci and British culture. She plays the oboe.
“I tend to smile less when I really feel interested, curious or enjoy something.“