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Nanako Asakura


From Tokyo Nanako Asakura

  • College of Liberal Arts and Science, Chiba University

Nanako is a university student from Ibaraki Prefecture, who has experience living both in Japan and in the United States.
She loves having discussions about multiple topics because she finds it stimulating and it opens new doors for her. In fact when she was in the United States she joined the Model UN. This experiences motivated her to create a new student organization of the Model UN in her university. She di this on her own.
Furthermore, she has been interested in water sanitation ever since she did a year long research project during high school, and she aspires to contribute to finding solutions for the 6th SDG: “Clean water and sanitation”.
She loves watching movies/TV series, and going on long walks to enjoy the countryside and nature.
Fun Fact:
“My body is unique! For example, my shoulders are amazingly flexible, my pinkies don’t have knuckles, and my index fingers are different lengths!”