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Miu Ueda


From Hyogo Miu Ueda

  • Department of International Relations, Kobe City University of Foreign Studies

Miu is 18 years old and a university student, from Awaji island in Hyogo prefecture. She is interested in the education of developing countries and majors in International Relations.
Since she joined an international program called Manabinoki in Awaji, hosted by AYF, she has become interested in other cultures and communicating with the wider international community. Driven by her interests, she has joined study tours to India and Cambodia to learn more about real-life situations.
Especially in Cambodia, she met children who were happily living their lives but without access to a good education system. This experience motivated her to to provide proper education for children around the world in the future.
Her hobby is playing the piano and she has been playing since she was five years old.
“If I had Doraemon’s 4D pocket, I would fly freely around the sky. I would also like his “anywhere door”, so I could travel all over the world easily.“