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Mika Otabara


From Tokyo Mika Otabara

  • Faculty of Foreign Studies, Sophia university

Mika is a student from Miyazaki, a area famous for its delicious cuisine and beautiful ocean views. Now she is living in Tokyo and majoring in American Studies. But she is also interested in Asian and the many social issues facing countries in Asia.
She is currently highly conscious of environmental and gender issues in Japan, and is striving to find ways to make positive changes in Japanese society. Even though she is keenly aware of these social issues, she hasn’t been able to take any big action yet. Through this program, and through being a YUNGA Ambassador, she’d like to change that, change herself, and help bring huge positive changes to Japanese society through the empowerment of youth.
She really loves talking with different kinds of people, eating delicious food, and watching Korean dramas.
“If I had a super power, I would like make an “anywhere door” so that I could travel all around the world easily.“