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Melody Silva Kam


From Tokyo Melody Silva Kam

  • Department of Economics, Soka University

Melody is an Ecuadorian student studying Economics in Japan.
With an Italian and Chinese mixed background, she became interested in different cultures around the world. She can speak four languages, Spanish (Mother tongue), Portuguese, English and Japanese, and her lifetime learning goal, is to speak 10 (this year she is learning Chinese and French).
For as long as she remembers, she has been passionate about helping others overcome their obstacles. Now she says, “Despite being a foreigner in Japan, I want to contribute to improving people’s lives in some way, wherever I am.” With her linguistic abilities, wherever she works, she wants to become the bridge connecting nations and making good relationships.
Her hobbies are reading books about social responsibility, searching for sustainable ways of using trash to transform it, and uploading them to her Instagram account so other people can do the same. In addition, she likes to play various sports like tennis, basketball and karate. With tons of curiosity, she is always looking for something new to do.
“If I had a superpower, I would like to commute every day by flying!“