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Masayasu Utsumi


From Chiba Masayasu Utsumi

  • Faculty of Law, Chiba University

Masayasu is an university student from Chiba prefecture in Japan. At university, he majors in Law, and studies Social Security and Environmental Policy .
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he has seen people close to him suffering from not being able to go to school, and therefore lacking connections with people outside their home. He joined this program with a strong desire to help people who are facing various challenges in their lives due to the COVID- 19 situation.
He is currently working on ideas to help them feel connected with others through this situation, and also to encourage them to find ways to still do what they truly enjoy doing.
His dream is to live healthily until the beginning of the 22nd century and he wants to contribute to the sustainable growth of Japan through his work.
He loves playing tennis and Shogi.
“In the past, I was about to fall off a cliff while snowboarding and thought I would die…”