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Masato Nagashima


From Okayama Masato Nagashima

  • Faculty of Education, International Pacific University

Masato is a 20-year-old university student, who gives positive energy to everyone he meets. He is from Shizuoka Prefecture and is currently living in Okayama. With a positive mindset, he is taking on many challenges. In one of those challenges, he belongs to “Rainbow Caravan”, a student organization that spreads the idea of expressive education. There, he has learned about expressive education through dancing and singing, and he conducts workshops that teach how to interact with others and how to educate them through the power of facilitation.
In the future, he is passionate about establishing a school. In order to achieve his dream, he is fully ready to learn about the education system, not only in Japan, but also in other countries.
He likes to communicate with people, and is full of curiosity!
“I have been snowboarding twice. I really looked forward to it, practiced wearing the gear, and did image training the day before. Unfortunately, though, I couldn’t sleep well the night before both times, got a little drunk on the lift, and really couldn’t enjoy snowboarding as much as I wanted to.“