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Hirotomo Shirakawa


From Tokyo Hirotomo Shirakawa

  • Department of Information Systems Engineering, Soka University

Hirotomo, a so called B [-bi], is a sophomore student of Engineering and Science. He is interested particularly in the area of human mindset and behavior as interpreted through neuroscience.
Born and raised in Hokkaido, he has always surrounded by nature in his life. This has made him naturally concerned about environmental problems happening everywhere, including the community where he currently lives in Tokyo. One of the reasons he joined this program was due to his belief that change can be made by one person who stands up. He has now started his journey to become that one person who stands up for solving issues and creating a better future. His dream is to create a sustainable city like Copenhill in Denmark and to solve the problem of water shortages around the world.
His hobbies include reading about brain science, programming, and looking for cute stuffed animals in various stores.
“I think If all people thought in the same way, the amount of ideas we could create would greatly diminish. It is the diversity we have in the world, that has allowed us to create so many amazing things! Let’s do this together!“