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Fuka Chida


From Akita Fuka Chida

  • Faculty of History, Chiba University

Fuka is a student from Akita who majors in history (Japanese and World History) and loves learning.
She became fascinated by the process of learning when she was a high school student. As she grows however, she has realized that she does not know enough about the world, including social issues. That has motivated her to join this program to truly face the issues and learn about and tackle them.
Especially in Japan, where students tend to hate studying because of the competition and heavy pressure of entrance exams, she is passionate about sharing the joy of the learning process to people. At the same time, she wants everyone to find “what they like” through learning. Currently, as a member of the quiz club in her university, she enjoys learning many new things and is planning ways to let people realize the fun of exploring new things and embracing their curiosity.
Her hobby is going somewhere alone without any plans. She likes finding attractive cafés, museums and shops that she didn’t know before. Of course, she likes talking and hanging out with her friends too, but sometimes she just likes to go somewhere alone with her whimsical plan.
“I have a poor sense of direction without a map… The map is my friend!”