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Chikako Morioka


From Yamaguchi Chikako Morioka

  • Faculty of Global and Science, Yamaguchi University

Chikako is a university student and is passionate about team building and facilitation.
Born and raised in Yamaguchi prefecture, she often felt like an outsider as she had a different interest from others around her. Due to the COVID-19 situation, she has faced the challenge of being isolated and has felt a sense of loneliness as well. This has motivated her to start planning a safe place for all to feel connected in.
Currently as a member of Youth Econet, whose goal is to raise the awareness of SDGs. She believes facilitation is the way to create a place for people to feel and live comfortably. She strongly supports the idea of “no one will be left behind” which is more prevalent for Japan which faces many issues such as gender inequality and the declining population.
Her dream is that, by the time she is 30 years old, she will be a leader in her home prefecture of Yamaguchi, and will be able to contribute to creating a society where there are equal opportunities and respect for all.
“I believe that if Yamaguchi changes, the world will follow!”
She likes eating, sleeping and laughing!