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Ayaka Nishida


From Okayama Ayaka Nishida

  • Department of Next Generation Education, International Pacific University

Ayaka lives in Okayama and is aiming to be an elementary school teacher in the future.
She is particularly interested in the field of Educational Psychology, and would like to focus her efforts particularly on finding solutions for difficult educational issues such as bullying, school refusal and special education programs.
In the future, she would like to become a key person contributing to reforming the Japanese education system.
Her hobbies include exercising and watching YouTube. She used to swim and play Kendo when she was in high school. When she has time, she likes to go running or go to the gym. She often watches comedy shows and game play videos.
“I love the color blue very much. My belongings such as stationery and other personal things are full of blue. My parents and friends often say “Ayaka, you are the blue”. One of my dreams is to one day dye my hair blue…“