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Arisa Yamaguchi


From Tokyo Arisa Yamaguchi

  • Faculty of Law, Soka University
  • Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Tokyo

Arisa is a master’s student from Tokyo who majors in International Public Policy and has studied in Indonesia and South Africa.
She is especially passionate about risk management policies in developing countries and aspires to contribute in building inclusive, resilient and sustainable societies.
When she was in Indonesia, she started a project to tackle hygiene problems. But she felt that, while she saw many actual social issues in front of her, there were many she could not do anything about. In the World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates she attended, however, she learned “criteria for societal change are not special skills. The most important thing is one’s strong will to become the source of change”. With a dream to become a true changemaker, she is fully ready to take actions to tackle real problems in Japan.
She loves music and traveling. In particular she plays a national instrument of Japan called the koto, and she has performed in some of the 30 countries she has been to.
“In most countries in Asia, from Kazakhstan to Indonesia, I am oftentimes seen as a local and told that my face looks familiar to them.“