Creating movements of youth leaders


YUNGA is a gateway for children and youth to participate in activities and initiatives of the UN, and it aims to engage young people in key activities of environmental and social concern at both national and international levels. At YUNGA Japan youth can learn about diversity and gain knowledge about global issues from the perspective of people around the world. We not only support Japanese youth to create positive impacts, but also encourage them to cooperate with people from all over the world for the realization of a better world.

YUNGA Japan Mission

We aim to inspire the next generation of Japanese youth to be active agents of change by creating a community of like-minded youth interested in creating a better world.

YUNGA Japan Vision

Our purpose is to help youth understand global problems and the value their voices can have, establishing a platform for them to participate in dialogue about world issues as global citizens. We work to educate and empower youth through meaningful activities, open discussion and an immersive international environment.



Youth Impacted


Certificates Given


YUNGA Branches in the World


Challenge Badge

Developed in collaboration with The United Nations, a certificate program for all ages to learn about our environment and the collective action we can take to achieve Sustainable Devlopment Goals (SDGs).


Pioneer inititative led by YUNGA Japan to support university students in the development of social impact projects using a global mindset.

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